21 December, 2015

The Azumi Mobile jury´s experience in Miss Reef 2015

It was a very entertaining and unforgettable experience, from the first moment I set a foot in Chile, all the people I met were very attentive and cool with me.

The event was spectacular, the girls really beautiful and I had a really hard time with the jury choosing the winner.

It wasnt only fun being the jury but also before and after: I met all the girls, had lunch with them, shared with the Azumi team and after the contest we went to a great party where we had a blast!

Im totally grateful with Azumi Mobile for this prize with everything included and the most comforting thing of all is that even though they worry about giving us a great mobile device product with fantastic features like my own A50C they give us the chance to have great moments and live the great experience like the one I did.

Thanks Azumi Mobile!

I’m anxious waiting for their new releases this 2015!