6 February, 2016

Azumi Mobile team member wins by KO in the UFC Championship

Feb 6, 2016

In Azumi Mobile we always try to support athletes so that they can achieve victories such as Diego “Pitbull” Rivas (24, Featherweight) did last Saturday.

Born in Cholchol, Temuco he gave everything he had in the octagon and in only 23 seconds of the second round he beat his opponent the isralite Noad Lahat (black belt in Jiu – Jitsu) with a tremendous flying knee knockout that left everyone astonished.

To achieve this success, Diego trains everyday brazilian Jiu – Jitsu, NO GI Jiu – Jitsu, free Combat and combat psychology.

He started at 16, when to overcome a personal misfortune, Diego began practicing martial arts as a distraction and turned pro in 2011.

This Azumi Team member has 7 undefeated fights and this has really motivated him to continue his career.

We really hope so because he is a real pride for martial arts!